Woke up just to read that naruto chapter šŸ˜¢

Anonymous: ashprincessmidna and yooooou


ashprincessmidna is honestly my forever crush too tbh <3

Iā€™m not gonna lie, i saw her booty at AX and I knew exactly who it was by da booty

You’re my forever crush!

Anonymous: "I’ve seen some great faces as well!Plus I think I can make a few that are as good šŸ˜" Nooooooo, don't tease us like that! :c

I enjoy teasing because there is always that possibility

Should I get a snap chat again?

Anonymous: my nigga left on your page and I just wanna say. Yoou did that shit by hand and it's dank as mooncow titties. Your martha stewart ass is going places. Believe dat. I'm old school so I ain't up to date. Imma wait for dat princess mononoke cos doe. 1<3

The best compliment ever^^^
Thank you so fucking much.

Anonymous: whenever you reblog lingerie. It usally means you're about to buy more then brag about. But now that you got a man...I'm like, is she dropping hints for homeboy or what!?

Nah I just repost photos of the lovely lingerie i come across on my dash.

Anonymous: Your beauty is like a ray of sun shine thanks for brightening my day.

Aw gosh :3 thank you!