My sister actually got a photo of me while I was being interviewed! Haha I’m so happy. My thigh pieces were all messy because I was waking around πŸ˜†
This was definitely a highlight during Wondercon!

ashprincessmidna hey look, new outfit upgrade!

I can’t wait till he reveals this outfit against Madara.

I had so much fun!!!!!! I’m so happy!!
I even got interviewed for a show! It was awesome! I met a few tumblr followers as well and they were incredibly sweet and so fun! They had such amazing cosplays too! I wish we could have hung out longerπŸ’—

So happy!!! They look adorable 😍

Thank you so much for the reminder! I just took it out!
You all are so sweet! Thank you everyone that reminded me! I swear you all are life savers. I’m so clumsy that I would go in cosplay with it πŸ˜…

Anonymous: hope you feel better after some sleep <3

Thank you. I really am in some need of it. I’m so nervous about tomorrow. It’s not even regarding my cosplay πŸ˜“

Close enough. I&#8217;m exhausted and I don&#8217;t feel good 😞

Does someone want to be a sweetheart and remind me tomorrow morning to take off my septum ring? πŸ˜…
I’m extremely forgetful