Hide yo’ Uchiha eyeballs.

Seriously man. Especially after that chapter.

I cleaned up my room today and moved a few things around. I spent hours dusting the entire room so my sister with asthma would be at peace if she decided to crawl into my bed for a nap. The nightstand is my favorite part. Feels good 😊

Naruto chapter is out. Maybe I’m just late at finding out.

Well today…didn’t go as planned…I’m pretty sad. At least my room is clean. That makes me happy. Does anyone know of a photographer they can recommend around Pomona/Los Angeles? I want to get shots of my Satsuki cosplay :) heck if you just love photography and you want to give it a shot I’m cool with that. Just let me know 😊

Anonymous: *kicks the ground and pouts*

haha why?!

Anonymous: Can we get a booty pic? If you're up for it, obviously.

I’m not up for it :))

Anonymous: just looked at the interview pics, babydoll from suckerpunch...what she's wearing a kamui?!

haha glad you knew who she was! before I was interviewed by her she told me that I was the first to recognize her cosplay. I had to know since Alex Pardee’s art was featured in the movie! and yes I was ^__^