Anonymous: I wish I had a girl like you to sit on my face 😩

You’ll find a girl soon.

Anonymous: that ass always


Anonymous: You are so gorgeous how

Thank you 😊❤️

Anonymous: be single


Anonymous: From Sentai to Hentai is just one letter away ;)

Go to Alex for Sentai.
Come to me for Hentai.

Anonymous: We have seen your booty, can we see the rest even covered now? Sorry u r sexy as hell

Seeing my butt does not mean anything. I can wear a swim suit and you’ll still see my butt. Doesn’t mean I have to reveal the rest of my body. Think next time.

Anonymous: So are you like Alex's Waifu? The Sentai warrior is in love with a Hentai girl? (Thatd be a nice fic tho?)

Why yes, yes I am 😏
I should commission someone to draw this.



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I want this 😭😭😭 undldhska I can’t get it till I get home 😞
Anonymous: How long you to been dating?

A billion pug years.

Anonymous: I swear, you and every other woman Link has been involved with in some way are all gonna end up on some daytime talk show.

Good. Then I’ll meet the real Midna and propose to her too.